Who We Are

The History Behind Our
Food Company

We are a family group that has for many years specialized in the fresh fruit and vegetables distribution. The family business then transformed into pre-cut  vegetables of different kinds. Our main target audience was big super market groups, restaurants, cafe’s and schools canteens.

Olive Food suppliers was born during the 21 day lock down period. My family food background gave us ideas on how to look at business differently as we have dealt with client for years. Online business is still growing in South Africa and needs lots of nurturing. We as Olive Food suppliers slowly started adding products to our line by trial and error. We are still learning every day as online is an ever evolving platform.


people baking

Our Marketing team is amazing with there digital skills, they are continuously learning and working on testing out our frozen food lines and baking additions. We take great pride in quality control, and we puts the food videos from start to finish together. From a delivery point of view we personally deliver the boxes ourselves as we like meeting your clients as least wants. We feel very strongly about client service as there is a lack of quality service out there!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be make baking easier and more convenient for our customers by providing the highest quality products and services.


Our Vision is to provide ordinary bakers the means to be their own master chef.


All our products have been carefully selected by testing each line  personally in our kitchens to ensure you the customer get the best possible product and results.