120 x Cocktail Size – Uncooked Chocolate Danish

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120 x Cocktail Size – Uncooked Chocolate Danish (Halaal accredited Bakery)

Great product for functions and birthday parties. 120 in a box,



  • Flat baking tray.
  • Egg wash (50/50 egg and water) add a “pinch of salt”. Optional
  •  no need to thaw/defrost



  • Preheat oven temperature: 250ºC.
  • Oven temperature: 200ºC.
  • Brush the “egg wash” on the cocktail chocolate danishes. (Optional)
  • Baking time: 15-20 minutes.
  • Let it sit inside the oven for 5 minutes with the oven door open after you have baked it.


Pastry 60% [Wheat flour (gluten), water, yeast {bakers yeast (Saccharomyces
cerevisiae), water}, white sugar, wheat gluten (gluten), vegetable oil/fat blend
{(palm fruit, sunflower seed and or palm seed ) salt, water, butter flavour, soya
lecithin (soya), preservative (sodium benzoate), antioxidant BHA, citric acid and
colourant}, salted butter (dairy), salt, butter flavor, improver, and enzymes,]
Choc filling 40% [water, sugar, stabilizers, full cream milk (dairy), cocoa
powder, sweetners(sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharin, acesulfame K – non
nutrietive sweetners)Salt, acidity regulator and preservative (potassium sorbate)


Wheat flour (gluten) wheat
gluten (gluten), butter (cow’s
milk) and soya lecithin (soya).



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