Butter Croissants (Ready To Eat)

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Content : 20  baked croissants

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Butter Croissants (Ready To Eat)

These Croissants are so buttery, flaky and just the perfect breakfast or on the go meal ! These butter croissants are the exact same as our frozen range of croissants just this time we have gone a further step in helping you save even more time by freshly baking them for your convenience.

We sell our croissants in a pack of 10 which we deliver to your door!


Our layered pastry has a traditional flaky and crispy outer crust whilst maintaining its buttery soft inner.


Buttery goodness of our pastries will be leaving you wanting more as they are just that good and contain the finest ingredients to have the best flavour and results.

Shape and size

Our croissants have traditional layered dough allowing it to grow  into its historical crescent shape.Croissants grow to a size of 15 cm in length.

Why choose our Ready To Eat Butter Croissants

1. Quality

We use only the finest and most premium ingredients to make these croissants to ensure only the best results.

2. Quantity

Our Croissants come in a batch of 10 which in our opinion is about the perfect quantity and the best bang for your buck.

3. Convenience

Here at Olive Food Suppliers our goal is to ensure that our customers take the shortest and quickest possible route to making perfect and delicious baking items so to keep to our word every order that is place we personally deliver your croissants to your door !


Wheat flour(gluten), water, pastry fat[ palm oil(palm fruit, palm seed), sunflower
oil(sunflower seed), water, salt, whey powder, emulsifier, preservative(sodium
benzoate), antioxidant(BHA), citric acid, flavouring, colourant], sugar,
yeast[bakers yeast(saccharomyces cerevisiae), water],wheat gluten(gluten),
unsalted butter(cow’s milk)(0.9%), salt, flour improver, whole egg powder(egg),


Wheat flour(gluten), pastry
fat(Cow’s milk), wheat
gluten(gluten), whole egg
powder(egg), unsalted
butter(cow’s milk).


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