Vegan Fudgy Brownies

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Vegan Fudgy Brownies (Baked and ready to eat)

These Fudgy, gooey, vegan brownies are packed with rich chocolaty flavour and are cut into perfect squares. We have taken our popular  chocolate fudgy brownie recipe and baked it up to suit our vegan market. The eggs were replaced with flax eggs which is made from grounded flax seed and water combined to created a gel like binding consistency. Then we replaced the butter and used vegan butter which contains healthy plant oils.We have put countless hours into testing and tasting our brownies to ensure that only the best quality and flavour is achieved.

The size of our chocolate brownies are 6 cm length x  6 cm width x 2 cm height and come as 12 in a batch.

Why choose our vegan brownies?

1.Free From Animal Products

All products used to make these brownies are vegan friendly and no animal products have been added in the recipe.

2.High Quality ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced from reputable companies that have great reviews and we have personally tested out their products to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used .

3. Made By a vegan for vegans

These brownies are made by our chef who is a vegan and he has inspired us to tweak our original non vegan recipe and make it a vegan one. He gave us the tips and tricks to replace  the non vegan ingredients with vegan alternatives. With countless attempts we were able to make the perfect vegan brownie using his expertise in vegan baking and cooking.


All purpose flour, vegan butter, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, flax seed, water, vanilla essence, salt, baking powder, chocolate drops

Allergens :

Gluten, soy found in vegan butter


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