Classic Waffles: Wheat & Gluten Free 375g

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Classic Waffles: Wheat & Gluten Free 375g (Halaal accredited Bakery)

Glutagon’s Classic Waffles are completely gluten free and are just as delicious and light as any waffle you’ve enjoyed. They have been especially formulated so that can you adjust the recipe to your dietary requirements, whether you need to be or dairy or egg-free, or eat eggs and butter.

1 x 375g

Ingredients: Rice Flour , Tapioca Starch , Caster Sugar , Raising agents , Monocalcium phoshate , sodium Bicarbonate, Salt


Great for weekend breakfast. serve with sliced banana . honey and cinnamon or fruit salad and ice-cream. Excess waffles can be frozen and re-heated in a toaster.

Serves approximately 8-10 Belgiun waffles.



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